With a capacity up to 33 guests, the Westenwind is a 24,5 meter Dutch Klipper, typical from the rivers of The Netherlands. It’s a flat-bottom sailing boat that uses sideboards to avoid drifting. The Westenwind dates from 1910 and was brought to Portugal in 2014. The owners bought the boat in 2013 in Enkhuizen (NL) and sailed it down to Portugal through the French canals (passing over 275 locks) and further along the Mediterranean Sea and then along the Spanish and Portuguese coast, up to Lisbon.

On the Westenwind you can enjoy a true sailing experience on the river Tejo, while enjoying the landmarks of Lisbon from the water. The atmosphere on board is informal and the service is simple, but good and self-service style with always someone from the crew around to assist you. Meals are served in the lounge downstairs.

Contrary to our other boat the bigger 3 mast schooner Leão Holandês, the services on the Westenwind are self-service and guests are invited to help the crew as well with the sailing (raising of the sails and adjusting the sails during the trip). So a more active trip but plenty of time to “laze around”, relax and enjoy the sailing.

Sail. Enjoy. Remember.


Flow. Wind. Waves.

Blue. Sea. Infinity.

Navigation and Communication


Feel. Breeze. Contemplation.

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    Previsão Lisboa



    Previsão Lisboa